2013 – It was a good year

The best advice I’ve ever had in respect of photography was simply to keep on taking pictures, by practising we get better. The person in question also said that we never reach perfection.

2013 was a good year for me, the year I finally managed to take some fairly decent photo’s.

My favourite set of pictures was from a chilly day on the Kent Coast at Dungeness

The light was just right, the sky was clear. All in it was a perfect day to wander the beach and take pictures.

FE368 Dungeness

My first trip out was back in March. Snow had only recently cleared, the air was crisp and I went in hunt of some heavy metal. Fortunately I was rewarded by a nice show from the USAF at Lakenheath.

It was my first opportunity to use my new zoom and the results were quite pleasing

Eagle 6182

Here’s hoping that 2014 brings even more opportunities and better pictures.

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