Hi, I’m Dave and welcome to my Website.

Since I first picked up an SLR soon after my 18th Birthday I have always loved photography.

My first SLR camera was a Praktica MTL-5, bought from Argos, I still have it, I’m just in need of a working lens for it now.

From the Praktica I progressed on to Nikon film cameras and there I have stayed, now using DSLR’s and enjoying the whole new world of Digital Photography. I also own a Fuji X20 compact, it’s a great little camera mixing the power of a DSLR with the size of a compact.

I love experimenting with the images I’ve captured. My main love is Aviation photography (as my son says, if it has wings I’ll try to capture it) but I try to take photographs of anything, from a brick wall to an eagle. You may also guess I love taking wide angle Landscape shots and the odd long exposure.

I’m always looking for something new and trying out new processes and styles in my editing. Please let me know what you think and give advice, this blog is all about me challenging myself and improving, for that I need your help so Comments and Criticisms are welcome.

I have recently moved to using Lightroom after Apple decided to drop developing Aperture, I’m glad I’ve made the change as Lightroom, which I find to be more powerful. I also use OnOne’s Perfect Photo Suite 9 which gives you a great deal of versatile tools to enhance your photos. I’m also getting to grips with Google’s Nik software now that it is free. (well worth downloading if you havent already).

You’ll find all my published photos on Flickr and 500px

I don’t sell my pictures, well I’ve never been approached 😉

My photography Twitter account is, of course, DA12Photography. For other stuff (football mainly) you’ll find me on BigDL

Thanks for taking the time to look and please get in touch – Dave