Explored …….. Again!

There’s a joke that goes along the lines of “you wait ages for a bus and then two come along at once”

Well, it’s been a bit like that on Flickr recently.

I’ve been getting some good comments on some of my photos, but I had never been “Explored”, well I hadn’t until Tuesday when I uploaded this.

Big skies over Dungeness

On average 1.6 million photos are uploaded to Flickr every day, of these the top 500 photos are “Explored” as the best examples that day.

I had no idea that the shot above had been chosen until I checked my personal emails on Tuesday morning. You don’t get a notification from Flickr, instead you get lots and lots of emails telling you that your photo had been “favourited”. A quick check on the phone app and there it was, in all its glory. Near the bottom, but it was there.

I’d had fun playing around with the processing on some pictures taken back in October. Last night I decided to do a little tinkering and uploaded this to Flickr.

Boardwalk to the Sky

Imagine my surprise, this morning, to see lots of emails from Flickr again, a quick check and, yes, there it was, this time near the top.

So, it’s pretty safe to say, I’ve been walking around with a grin on my face all day. It doesn’t mean I’m the greatest photographer to walk the planet, far from it. What it does mean is that I’m doing something right, and it’s very nice to get some recognition, however short-lived.

It also means that I’ve got to get out much more and get that camera working hard.

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