T5 Alive 6


If you follow me on Twitter then you will have already seen these. I still think they deserve their own post though.

I visited Cranfield in September 2013 full of in-trepidation. It had been some 26 years since I last got close to one of these magnificent beasts. It’s a day that will live with me for many years.

XS458 is one of the last T5 English Electric Lightnings left. She’s kept in pristine condition by Russell Carpenter and a band of loyal volunteers at the Bedfordshire Airfield. Unfortunately like all Lightnings in the UK she is grounded. CAA rules prevent her ever returning to flight. However for a few weekends every year she roars down the runway, quaking the local area literally. A garden centre some miles from the airfield reported their greenhouses clatter when 458 explodes into life.

Can’t wait to go back this year and see her in full action.

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