Out and About

I feel a little guilty that I’ve neglected to post for a couple of weeks. We did manage to get out a couple of Sunday’s back and the camera came along for the ride.

We ended up a Trosley Country Park, near Wrotham in Kent.

The Eye of ? 2

This fallen tree had an almost pre-historic feel about it. I’ve published two versions and I think this is the better one after a play around with OnOne’s Perfect Effects 8. Let me know what you think….please!!!!

According to the park covers 170 acres on the North Downs. It certainly is a vast area and we did manage to get lost!

Which Way?

Otherwise the weather hasn’t managed to be as great as we would like, so no trips out for the last week.

With summer coming, I hope to be out and about exploring much more!

You have been warned 😉

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