Processing (Updated)

Since I moved from using Apple’s Aperture to Lightroom I’ve been going through some old photos and tweaking them. Of course I still use OnOne’s excellent Perfect Effects to enhance my pictures.

It’s taken some time to get used to Lightroom but I’m enjoying using it, finding it far more powerful and much more versatile that Aperture. Perhaps Apples decision to ditch it was the correct one after all.

Kentish Summer Pathway

The above photo was a lot flatter before passing it through Lightroom and Perfect Effects. It stands out far more I think, the colours are far more striking, well in my opinion. Compare the new version to the original version below.

Summer fields 2

Hopefully you can see the difference?

Below are a couple more I’ve uploaded to Flickr over the past couple of days.

Summer Path (Reprocessed)

Blurred poppies

Hope you like them, as always I welcome C&C’s please.


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