Stormy skies over the Velodrome

Taken last August in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, exactly a year after the flame went out at the greatest Olympic Games ever. Sorry Sydney, but our games were better.

London came alive during the Olympics, my nightmare fear of commuting daily on the high speed trains actually turned out to be quite fun.

Londoners actually spoke to each other on the train, rather than hiding behind a copy of the Metro.

London, well Britain actually discovered that we’re not a bad bunch and when we turn our mind to it we can achieve great things.

The negativity in the build up, traffic problems, how the opening ceremony could never compare to Beijing etc. How wrong they were. From Danny Boyle’s triumphant celebration of everything British to Super Saturday – Jess and Mo storming to success and a million hoarse voices the next day.

We will never see the like again in this country, though I suspect Glasgow will do a superb job with the Commonwealth Games.

The Olympic Park should fully reopen fairly soon and I will be eager to return.

The stadium , soon to be home to West Ham, is undergoing a transformation whilst the swimming centre is now open to all.

Lord Coe promised regeneration, and on that he delivered with the Olympic park. The legacy promised to “Inspire a generation”. Unfortunately more cutbacks in public spending by the Government haven’t delivered the necessary improvements and funding for that generation to take the mantle. An opportunity badly lost all too soon.

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